Groundcheck Grounding Tester

The Groundcheck is a dependable easy to use test mechanism for personnel grounding devices.

• pass indicated by a visible and audible signal, high fail and low fail by a visible signal

• test range 750 Kohms - 35 Mohms

• 20 V test voltage

• accuracy +/- 10%

• supplied with calibration certificate

• uses a 9 V alkaline battery

• indicator for low battery

• 7 mm press stud, 4 mm plug socket, 6 mm stud for alligator clip

• complies with IEC 61340-5-1

• CE compliant

Groundcheck Backplate

In combination with a Backplate, the Groundcheck can be used as a central grounding tester at the entrance of the EPA.

• printed with clear test instructions

• 4 and 10 mm connecting point for grounding cords

• 10 mm press stud for connection to the Footplate

• size 30 x 20 cm

• 4 mounting screws are included

Groundcheck Footplate

The metal Footplate can be used in combination with the Groundcheck and the Backplate for testing of shoe grounders and conductive footwear.

• 10 mm press stud

• 200 cm straight wire with 1 Mohm resistor for connection to the Backplate

Groundcheck Calibration Monitor

The Groundcheck Calibration Monitor was designed to monitor the Groundcheck Grounding Tester to be working within the parameters of IEC 61340-5-1.

• 4 test positions: low fail, low pass, high pass, high fail

• CE compliant

Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

The Constant Wrist Strap Monitor continuously measures the operator’s wrist strap and ground connection.

• pass indicated by a green LED flash, fail indicated by an audible signal and a red LED flash

• 9 V DC adapter, 110 V AC 300 ma

• test voltage nominal 7,5 V

• accuracy +/- 5%

• weight 85 g

• CE compliant

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Website designed by Kite Design - 2017