Stretch Wrist Bands

Our unique band material is manufactured using a patented crochet process. This Crochet Band is popular because it is comfortably soft and light, yet durable and reliable. The band has total insulation on the outside for maximum protection. The inside of the band is lined with a special yarn that is coated in silver to provide superior conductivity and is constructed to “float” on the underside of the band to offer maximum contact with the skin. All adjustable bands are made to fit any size wrist. Buckles are made with static dissipative nylon material.

• 3 mm stud with 360° swivel

• anti-allergic backplate

• Meet or exceed IEC 61340-5-1, MIL HDBK 263B, MIL STD 1686B and ANSI/ESD-S1.1-2006

Ergo Wrist Bands

All our metal bands are made of jewellery-grade expandable stainless steel. The bands are insulated with a triple-layer oven-baked coating, similar to that used in the automobile industry. All models of metal bands come with our patented “X-tenders” which smartly-designed inter-connectable plastic links are enabling the user to adjust or expand the strap to any wrist size by using one or more of the 5 pieces provided. This renders the metal band extremely comfortable and eliminates the need to stock up on different sizes.

• 3 mm stud with 360° swivel

• Easily adjustable from 130-170 mm using one or more of the five 10 mm nylon expansion links

• Meet or exceed IEC 61340-5-1, MIL HDBK 263B, MIL STD 1686B and ANSI/ESD-S1.1-2006

Grounding Cords

Our grounding cords can meet and surpass any rigid specification and possess an exceptionally long service life. All cords are insulated with Polyurethane.

Common Point Grounds

Common Point Grounds take care of the proper grounding of the operator and worksurface mat. By using an Adapt A Snap additional personnel can quickly plug into the ESD safe workstation and can be properly grounded.


The Adapt-A-Snap attached to a Common Point Ground unit or to an existing grounding point allows additional personnel to plug into the same ground connection.


Available in 7mm and 10mm connections.

Earth Bonding Point

The EBP Europlug is identical to a standard plug, however with plastic (life) and (neutral) pins used only for locating the plug.

• yellow ABS with black print

• provides a simple and effective grounding using the ring mains earth as ground

• front side of the plug has two 4 mm plug sockets and one 7 mm male stud

• 1 Mohm resistor

• complies with IEC 61340-5-1

Earth Bonding Point Bar

Earth bounding point bars are designed to be mounted on under-side of bench top or shelf.

• yellow ABS with black print

• two 4 mm plug sockets and one 7 mm male stud

• each grounding point is connected with 1 Mohm resistor

• straight grounding cord of 2 m with a 5 mm ring terminal

• complies with IEC 61340-5-1


Shoe Grounders

We offer both heel grounder and toe grounder. The designs are adjustable to fit all types of footwear. The ground strap reliably provides positive contact with the skin inside the sock or shoe.


On the outside surface, our heel and toe grounders use specially reinforced black conductive rubber for superior static control and on the inside; we use white, non-scuffing insulating rubber to prevent the transfer of black smudges or dirty marks on the user.


Heel Grounder

• quick release buckle

• unique elasticized rear section provides fit and comfort to all shoe types and sizes

• bright red heel band for clear identification

• meet or exceed IEC 61340-5-1, MIL HDBK 263B, MIL STD 1686B and ANSI/ESD-S1.1-2006


Reversible Heel Grounder

• quick release buckle

• reversible heel cup

• longer lifetime

• meet or exceed IEC 61340-5-1, MIL HDBK 263B, MIL STD 1686B and ANSI/ESD-S1.1-2006

Disposable Heel Straps

Bright yellow disposable heel straps can easily be seen when being worn. Good for short term use and ideal for visitors.

Conductive Disposable Shoe Covers

Operators wearing conductive shoe covers will be permanently grounded via the conductive floor mat or floor. The grounding tab is worn in shoe or sock and makes contact with the skin.

• for permanent grounding

• re-usable

• easy to wear

Groundcheck Grounding Tester

The Groundcheck is a dependable easy to use test mechanism for personnel grounding devices.

• pass indicated by a visible and audible signal, high fail and low fail by a visible signal

• test range 750 Kohms - 35 Mohms

• 20 V test voltage

• accuracy +/- 10%

• supplied with calibration certificate

• uses a 9 V alkaline battery

• indicator for low battery

• 7 mm press stud, 4 mm plug socket, 6 mm stud for alligator clip

• complies with IEC 61340-5-1

• CE compliant

Groundcheck Backplate

In combination with a Backplate, the Groundcheck can be used as a central grounding tester at the entrance of the EPA.

• printed with clear test instructions

• 4 and 10 mm connecting point for grounding cords

• 10 mm press stud for connection to the Footplate

• size 30 x 20 cm

• 4 mounting screws are included

Groundcheck Footplate

The metal Footplate can be used in combination with the Groundcheck and the Backplate for testing of shoe grounders and conductive footwear.

• 10 mm press stud

• 200 cm straight wire with 1 Mohm resistor for connection to the Backplate

Groundcheck Calibration Monitor

The Groundcheck Calibration Monitor was designed to monitor the Groundcheck Grounding Tester to be working within the parameters of IEC 61340-5-1.

• 4 test positions: low fail, low pass, high pass, high fail

• CE compliant

Constant Wrist Strap Monitor

The Constant Wrist Strap Monitor continuously measures the operator’s wrist strap and ground connection.

• pass indicated by a green LED flash, fail indicated by an audible signal and a red LED flash

• 9 V DC adapter, 110 V AC 300 ma

• test voltage nominal 7,5 V

• accuracy +/- 5%

• weight 85 g

• CE compliant

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Website designed by Kite Design - 2017