Dissipative Pink PE

Dissipative pink poly is an ESD safe packaging material that can be supplied as bags, zip top bags, tubing and sheeting.

ESD bubble wrap

Bubble cushioning not only protects against ESD damage, but also provides excellent cushioning properties.

• diameter of the bubbles ca. 10 mm, ca. 5 mm high

• pink bubble with ESD logo

• RS of dissipative pink bubble < 1011 ohms or black

• conductive bubble < 105 ohms (ASTM D257)

• static decay < 2 sec. (FTMS 101, MTH 4046.1, 5.000 V-0 V)

• available on rolls and sheets and to customer requirements

• pink bubble also available on rolls and as bags

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Website designed by Kite Design - 2017