Desiccant bags

In order to reach an optimal low relative humidity (RH) desiccant bags have to be included in the Dryshield Bags. According to EIA 583 dry shielding bags are incomplete without desiccant bags.

• adsorb the moisture left inside the bags after vacuum sealing and capture the moisture that manages to pass through the bag material

• prevent the relative humidity to rise above a critical percentage

• are filled with activated clay and made of strong GDT material

• meet or exceed DIN 55473B and MIL D 3464E, Type II

Container (Dri) Bag

Container bag is a desiccant bag made up of a mixture of calcium chloride and clay, and of a breathable and strong fabric.


Calcium Chloride turns water vapor into liquid water and the clay retains it, avoiding liquid to leak out. This is extremely important in situations where the desiccant bag can be broken.


Container bags are also available with hanging hook.

Levodry Gel

Levodry Gel is a desiccant bag containing 125 grams of  a mixture of calcium chloride and a gelling substance. Calcium chloride absorbs environmental humidity, while the gelling substance turns it into a gel and avoids water to leak out of the bag.

Levodry Gel can be put under pallets or in small places between goods and container walls and is effective to stop excessive moisture content inside the container environment avoiding:

• Mildew.

• Bad smell.

• Metal corrosion.

• Caking and other damage to food and chemical.


Levodry Gel is widely used to protect any moisture sensitive product:

• Mineral Water.

• Bulk and canned foods

• Glass.

• Automotive components.

• Cocoa (Complies with FCC documents)

• Cardboard packaging.

• Wood products.

• Leather goods.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity indicator Cards are colour change indicators.  As the humidity increases the chemically impregnated spots change from a blue colour through a lavender, to a pink colour, indicating whether or not a critical RH has been reached. Humidity Indicator Cards go hand in hand with the desiccant bags inside the Dry Shielding Bags.

Tip-n-Tell tilt Indicators

Reliable shipping-incident indicators detect all shipping irregularities without fail. If your shipping cartons need to be kept upright during shipping then Tip-n-Tell indicators are the ideal solution. They tell you whether your products have been shipped and stored upright, in accordance with your specifications. If the cartons are inclined by more than 60 degrees, blue sand flows into the display field, to which it adheres and where it can be viewed.


Hence shipping irregularities are readily apparent and can be proven beyond any doubt. Tip-N-Tell’s self-adhesive backing allows the indicator to be attached to the packaging.

Drop-n-Tell Indicators

It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that products are free of defects and are delivered strictly on time. Drop-n-Tell is a mechanical impact indicator. The device is activated on one axis only. This in turn means that it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and allows for exact determination of the direction of the impact

Application domains:

• Anything from large machinery to small sensitive parts

• For single or multiple use

• For internal and external transport processes

• Available settings: 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 g


Impact indicators help to reduce damage during internal and external transport processes by motivating workers to exercise greater care.

Impact indicators are a simple tool that reduces repair costs and complaint

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Website designed by Kite Design - 2017